Sunday, September 14, 2014

OUTFIT | preppy school boy

(T-shirt: Le Ciel Bleu (similar here); cardigan: Uniqlo (similar here); jeans: Le Ciel Bleu
tote: Le Ciel Bleu (not for sale); shoes: ORiental TRaffic (similar here); 
laptop case: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar here); watch: Daniel Wellington)

photos by Lisa from Paint with Stars

Thank you so much for the encouraging and insightful comments on my last diary post! I'm so glad I added that little segment in my blog. 

Right when I thought fall had arrived... it started getting warm again. The weather was fantastic yesterday when Lisa and I shot this photos, but still, it was a bit too warm for my taste. I want to wear  my fall knits and sweaters already! Anyways, I wanted to wear my new oxfords from ORiental TRaffic (probably the only shoe store in Japan that carries my size), so I paired them with my skinnies from Le Ciel Bleu and went for a somewhat pretty, school boy look. I actually work for this brand, and I already own 4 pairs of jeans.. they know how to make a good pair! I rolled up the hem to show off my oxfords. I had to go to a meeting after the shoot, which is why I am carrying my laptop with me, the neoprene Marc by Marc Jacobs case courtesy of Shop Bop :) 

I do like to dress up and accessorize like crazy once in a while, but you know what, I think I'm in my element when I'm in a plain V-neck tee and some jeans. That's where my California girl vibes kick in. I think it's a matter of how well you style them - even small details like the fit of the jeans, what shoes you wear, how you arrange the shirt can really change up your look. 

Well, I am off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday! Have a great weekend all!


Samantha Mariko

Saturday, September 13, 2014

DIARY | In between

I'm always amazed at how other bloggers can maintain their blogs beautifully, keeping readers updated and posting new content consistently. Even after 4 years of blogging, I still find it hard to maintain a consistent flow on my blog - sometimes I'll have enough material, sometimes I won't. Or other times I have to prioritize other work, which means I have to put the blog on hold temporarily. So, I'm sorry in advance when that happens, but it doesn't mean I don't look and comment at other blogs during my commutes on the train or when I have a few minutes to spare. I always look forward to reading your comments and maintaining friendships in the blogosphere :)

With that said, I do have an outfit post coming soon, and also... a haircut. It will be drastically different and I was close to being overwhelmed when the suggestion was first made (I'm doing this for work-related reasons), but now I only feel excitement for this new change. I've told several of my family members and close friends about it and I get the same response - "What????" But they understand it is for work and it'll (hopefully) suit me. We shall see!

I remember now that almost a year ago, I did change my look with a new haircut and color - I went from brown hair to black, and made a blunt bang. I also changed my wardrobe and style somewhat to suit my new look, and I am still so happy that I did. I hope getting this new haircut will add more edge to my look, and hopefully influence me to spice up my style and add more creative and quality content to Letters Impromptu. :)


Samantha Mariko

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OUTFIT | California girl in Tokyo

(skirt: Harajukuii; top: Topshop (similar here); clutch: Dezso by Sara Beltran (similar here);
shirt: Uniqlo (similar here); beanie: (similar here); shoes: Vans)

Photos by Lisa from Paint with Stars

I am seriously a hapa through and through. Maybe that doesn't make sense, since the true meaning of "hapa" is "being partially of East Asian, South East Asian, or Pacific Islander descent." Even though I've met different kinds of hapas, I still think half or part-Japanese mixes are the most common. So what I really meant was, I am seriously half-Japanese through and through. I've lived and grew up in Southern California in a bicultural household, and now I live in Tokyo, experiencing the Japanese way of life. I am literally split down the middle, in terms of how I think, how I speak, how I behave, and how I dress. As Lisa and I were walking around Ginza on a busy Sunday evening to take these photos, I realized, wow, I look totally out of place here, but the juxtaposition of California surfer girl style meets Tokyo city night life is so... hapa. And that is something totally unique, if I do say so myself. 

The reason why I styled this particular outfit was to be able to sneak in one more summer outfit in with this sweat skirt that Harajukuii so kindly sent me. Harajukuii is an affordable, cute, fashion-forward Japanese online clothing store, and I was immediately drawn to this brand. This skirt is the most comfortable thing ever, and is the perfect length- not too short or too long. Then I just added the most casual pieces I could find in my closet. And boom, you got yourself a Cali-Tokyo girl.

I'm glad I got to squeeze in one more beachy, California-reminiscent outfit before it really cools down. What are your opinions on this sweat skirt? Yay or nay? Be honest ;) Let me know in the comments!


Samantha Mariko

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fashion's Night Out Tokyo 2014

A few random snaps from Fashions Night Out 2014 in Omotesando/Harajuku, Tokyo. I didn't take too many photos, but I did enjoy people-watching and seeing the latest trends on the streets of Omotesando. Reminder to myself: take fashion snaps for next time. 
I visited festaria, a high-end jewelry store, with a few members from my new agency. I received a beautiful necklace from the shop manager, Ms. Sakuma. Thank you so much <3

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Samantha Mariko

Friday, September 5, 2014

FEATURE | Fashion One TV Japan feat. Paint with Stars and Letters Impromptu

Remember the photo shoot I did with Lisa from Paint with Stars back in July? I forgot to mention that Fashion One TV was shooting live footage of the shoot, and it is now up on Youtube! I've never had a video taken for any of my photo shoots, so this one was special for me. Lisa and I were kind of put on the spot for the interview (you can probably tell I am a bit nervous haha..), but I think it turned out OK. Many thanks to Alfred for shooting this video. And to Lisa for always taking fabulous photos for our blogs :)

What I was wearing:

Jumpsuit from Marisara
Sandals from Zara (similar here from Shop Bop)
clutch by Sara Beltran for Dezso (similar here from Shop Bop)


Samantha Mariko